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Welcome to Online Training

Over the past few months the training staff at DVR has worked very hard in order to meet the demands of end users and technicians, who wanted to learn about our product lines. However, some demands could not be met due to the physical distance between the students and the facilitator.  This Online Training Course will allow students to learn about i³ products: software and hardware over the Internet, anytime, anywhere.

Users need little knowledge of the CCTV and DVR industries to take this course.  Online Training is available to both end-users and dealers, certified and non-certified. All users and dealers must be registered to be able to participate in Online Training.

End-users can access the following courses:
  • Level 1:  CCTV Cameras
  • Level 2:  DVMS Hardware
  • Level 3:  Certified User

Dealers can access the following courses:

  • Level 1:  CCTV Cameras
  • Level 2:  DVMS Hardware
  • Level 3:  Certified User
  • Level 4:  Authorized Technician

The i³ Online Training Course provides basic CCTV Camera training, as well as thorough training in DVR Technology and i³ proprietary software. Students will have access to different levels of the course depending on their status.


End-users will benefit greatly from new knowledge about the security world. The Online Training course is an invaluable tool for students willing to enhance their knowledge about i³ proprietary software. It will improve their user skills, helping them to protect their assets and safety.



Non-certified dealers: (Novice, Experienced)
With the Training Course readily available online, certification with DVR just got easier! Now dealers can get Certification on their own time and in a home or office environment.

  Certified dealers:
The Online Training Course can be used as an online reference tool by previously certified dealers, including dealers certified online.

Course Description:

Level 1: CCTV Cameras
This course consists of basic information on CCTV Camera technology. The information contained in this course may help students to make the right decisions in choosing the proper equipment for their application. This course is a pre-requisite for all dealers seeking Certification.

Level 2: DVMS Hardware
This course gives valuable insight into the functioning of DVMS (Digital Video Management Systems) as well as the terminology used in the security industry. This course is a pre-requisite for all dealers seeking i³ Certification.

Level 3: Certified User
This course has been especially designed for students that want to learn about basic usage of our i³DVR Server and Remote software. i³DVR strongly recommends this course for the following end-users: managers, owners, loss-prevention officers, and security personnel. This course is a pre-requisite for all dealers seeking i3 Certification.

Level 4: Authorized Technician
This course provides in-depth training in the i³DVR Server and Remote software.  Students graduated from this level will be certified as i³ Authorized Technicians and the certificate will be mailed to them. i³ Certification will be granted with a passing grade of 80% and will permit the technicians to service i³DVR Servers without voiding the factory warranty. The pre-requisites for this course are the successfully passed tests for the Levels 1-3.

Note: i³ Authorized Technicians automatically gain full access to the i³ Online Training Course.


Bob Hoang, Director of i³ Online Training
Mr. Hoang has earned an MBA in International Business from the University of New Brunswick, B.A. International Development from the University of Guelph, and Post Graduated in International Marketing from Humber College

Olga Alexeenko, i³ Online Training Coordinator, Technical Writer/Editor
Ms. Alexeenko is a fourth year undergraduate student, working towards her degree in Spanish and German languages in York University

Mykone Saunders, i³ Online Training Web Developer
Mr. Saunders has earned his degree as an electronic technician in Seneca College

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